Women's History Month Readathon

So March is National Women’s History Month in America. To honor and celebrate this, we are having a readathon. This readathon will be going through the first two weeks of March. So March 1st - March 14th. We will be reading books where women shine, like strong female characters and books where women strive.

This readathon is open to everyone, so if you aren’t in America or you aren’t a female, feel free to join!

I will be doing a post on recommendations of books you could read for this readathon later this week, so keep an eye out for that. Just in case you need any help picking out the books or maybe want to find something new.

This is going to be a very active readathon. I have challenges listed below and will have fun little things to do throughout the readathon. I will also be hosting reading sprints on twitter (follow me @BrittneyReads90). These are optional, you do not have to do these to do the readathon.

There isn’t a set number of books that is required during this readathon.  But there will be a point system. System and prizes blow.

Point System:
A non-fiction about a woman in history written by the woman - 10 points (example: Anne Frank)
A non-fiction about a woman in history written by someone else - 9 Points
A non-fiction about a woman in present day - 7 Points
A fiction set in an important time in women’s history - 8 Points
A fiction about a woman in history - 8 Points
A fiction about a woman making history - 6 Points (This can be a dystopian about a girl making history in her own world. Example: Tris or Katniss)
A book with a strong female character - 5 Points

I am not going to have places. So for the three with the most points will get advertising on my book blog(Reviews from a Dreamer) and my twitter. This can be your blog, your wattpad story, anything you might want to draw people’s attention to. If you are on Wattpad, I will also read, vote and comment on a story of your choice.

The challenges are:

  • Read a diverse book where main character is female.
  • Read where the woman overcame something physical
  • Read where the woman overcame something mentally
  • Read a book with a woman on the cover
We will be using the hashtag #WHR17. So if you are joining us you can you that hashtag so I can see and please feel free to comment. I will also have an official linky on my blog (adreamerreviews.blogsport.com) , if you aren’t reading this on my personal book blog, that you can sign up with.

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