Love Letter in Book Titles

The first challenge of the Valentine Readathon is to make a love letter using book titles. Here is mine:


I have been longing for you for some time, but don’t worry I am not a 10088219. You are my best friend and I kept telling myself that 24445517 I would tell you how I feel. So, this Valentine’s day I ask you to join me for a night to remember. It can be your choice weather it be 24283222 and 16056408 or 20896046 and 13600318. You have had me 30530389 since 25111004, the first day you arrived at to my school. Since then I have told myself to 33288638  because I was too chicken to initiated it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried, but found it hard to 11479285 when I did and that was my 19390926. So that is why I am writing you this note. To22609310 my true feelings.

So if you are interested, meet me at  45032 at 15836516 on the 14th.

Your not so 176270,


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