Review Policy

Email me: 


Will Accept:
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • New Adult Fiction
  • Some Middle Grade Fantasy/Paranormal
  • Adult Fiction
  • Some Erotica

    Will NOT Accept:
    • Non-fiction (Self-help, cookbooks, biographies, etc.)
    • Historical Fiction
    •  A sequel to a book I haven't read. (You can email me and ask if I have read it.)


    As you see above, I am really not picky about the books I will read. If you would like me to read a book for you, please send a blurb and the cover(if you have one) to the email provided at the top. Please do this before sending me an actual copy of your book. I will get back to you shortly on weather or not I will read it.
    With that said, I hold the right to deny any request. It may be I have too much on my plate as is or your book may not be my cup of tea. I will tell you either way if I can or cannot read it. Please keep in mind, though, no means no. 
    All my reviews are honest. Books I receive for review are no different. I am honest about what I think about the book. I post the reviews on this blog, amazon, and goodreads.



     I think all of us would prefer a physical copy of a book. But I also like .mobi files and .epub files. .pdf files are fine as well.


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