Reading Resolutions

In 2017 I did a reading resolutions and I didn't complete a single one of them. Where 2017 was a bad year for me, 2018 was even worse. And I can't promise 2019 will be any better, but I am going to try. I miss reading and blogging. Now, these may seem a bit steep and some might even say I am setting myself up to fail, but away we go...

Reading Goals:

  • Read 50 books this year - Though my goodreads says 40, I just hate seeing it say that I am *insert number* books behind. It gives me anxiety, so I set it lower than I am wanting to do. This may not seem like a challenge for some of you, but for me it is 40 more than I read last year. Yes, I only read 10 books last year.

  • Read at least one classic this year -This has been on my reading resolutions forever and I have yet to actually do it. I am not going to lie. Classics don't appeal to me. (please don't shoot!) I know I would probably enjoy it once I got there, but I can't force myself to actually try. I am going to this year. Try that is. Emma maybe. Not Little Women. I know that movie is coming out, but by now I know the entire story inside and out without even having to read it.

  •  Read 2 non-fiction a month -So this is split into 2 parts. One of these books must be a writing book. Something to import my writing skills. The second can be anything from a self improvement books, a health book, a biography, anything as long as it is listed as nonfiction.

  • Read at least 5 books with 500+ pages -  So this list is mainly a copy of 2017, but this one still stands. I have so many books that I won't pick up because they re massive.

  • Finish up at least 5 already started series - I might do another blog post listing said series that need to be finished. I am on so many last books and some I am expecting to abandon, just because its been so long.

Blog Goals:

  • Review at least one book a week - I would like to get back to posting reviews on Thursdays.

  •  Back into memes - I love to Top Ten Tuesdays and Waiting on Wednesdays. But there for awhile it was all I was doing, without any reviews, and it felt like a cop out, so I stopped. So with the reviews back, I do plan on getting the memes back as well.

  • Comment on at least 5 reviews on different pages a week - I am REALLY bad at this. I read reviews on other pages all the time, but rarely do I ever comment. And as a blogger I know that we love comments! Chalk it up to me being a shy introverted person or whatever, it needs to stop. I want to connect with my fellow bloggers more.

  • Connect with more authors - This one isn't just for here. I would love to do more author interviews and things like that. But I have begun writing a book and have an author website I am working on. Connecting with more authors would really help with that process.

That is all I have for the resolutions for right now. I am going to list the challenges I will be doing in the year 2019:


Join Hot Listens and Caffeinated Reviewer for the 7th year of audiobook fun. Whether you are new to audiobooks or a junkie like me, I hope you join us for the 2019 Audiobook Challenge.

This is another one that I tried back in 2017 and 2018 and failed each time. Though I did finish 8 in 2018 I aimed too high for 15-20.

I am not making that mistake this year. Though I do want to do the 15-20, I will be aiming for Stenographer which is 10-15. I tend to listen to auidobooks when I do other things, like workout or play video games, I am writing a lot more and that is one task I cannot listen to an audiobook to do.

This is a reading challenge that is for the New Adult Book Club on Goodreads. I am doing the easy verison, which is reading/listening to one book of the alphabet, which they have the categories for the letters listed in the book. I will probably do a list of the ones I have chosen to do when I actually read some of the books for it.

Ok, so that is the only ones I am doing for right now. Now I do plan to participate in read-a-thons, when I can, but those will be in a separate post.