Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Upcoming Favorite Couples in Books

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1. Peter and Lara Jean (P.S. I Still Love You) by Jenny Han 



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  1. Ah! I almost went with Evie and Aric too! But then I thought of more recent YA books I was read that I enjoyed couple wise! I'm not sure how far you are in the series, but the last book isn't out until August now, so there's still plenty of reading to be done after Dead of Winter! There will be 6 books total and there's a novella that takes place after this one here! Just in case you didn't already know!

    And omg, I remember The Turning. I think I read it too soon in my paranormal romance reading as I recall not liking it all that well and when the JLA came onto the scene I thought it was her at first but then I saw the spelling and knew otherwise! How I figured that out so early in the days I don't know! Lol!

    Great picks!

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