Dating Cupid by Eve Langlais Review

40675817Title: Dating Cupid
Author: Eve Langlais

Format: Audiobook
Roxanne knows where she’d like to shove Cupid’s arrow.

Tired of cheating men and false promises of love, Roxanne launches a campaign against Cupid’s Dating Service. But it’s hard to smear a company when you’ve got the hots for the owner.

Maverick Eros is more than the CEO of CDS, he’s Cupid himself. However, forget the media images of a chubby diapered cherub because the god of love is actually six feet plus of yummy, muscled male.

When they meet, sparks fly--the lusty kind--but they both know from experience, love hurts. In the end though, they’ll learn that love will have its way with them with or without the aid of Cupid’s arrow.


Roxanne is so tired of the awful guys that her dating service keeps hooking her up with. She keeps going back to it, because it seems to work for everyone else, despite being called Cupid's Dating Service. But she can't seem to find her perfect match on there like everyone else. So, what's a girl to do? Start a smear campaign against them, of course. So of coruse, when Maverick Eros, founder of CDS get's wind of this, he is shocked. He knows that his system works, because it is magically designed to work. He is cupid himself. He threatens to sue Roxanne if she doesn't stop ruining his name. Then with Roxanne's mother, Lady Luck and Maverick's mother Aphrodite set them up, sparks are flying.

That wasn't a great description, but it was really the best I could do for this book. I have a lot of respect for any write that tries to write a book. With that said, this book wasn't my cup of tea. I listened to it on audiobook when I had to drive 2 hours to and from work each day and I didn't even finish it. After they met at her mother's house I had given it several chances and had to put it down. I love mythology and this is the first time I had actually seen Lady Luck in anything, but it just wasn't written very well. The only reason I am really writing a review on it, is because today is Valentine's day and I thought it would be appropriate.

The writing was very choppy, even in audiobook form. The characters were very flat, not having any strong points about them. It was hard to tell where they were sometimes. At one point they were in one room and in the next paragraph they were in another without saying they had moved rooms. A lot of this could have been fixed in revisions and I think that is what it boils down to. This could have been better if it had been worked on more.

Overall, I gave this book a 1/5. I don't think I have ever given a book this low of a rating and I do feel bad about it. But I can't honestly give it a higher rating.

Eve Langlais
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