My Valentines Bookathon TBR

This is actually a bookathon going on on the Books & Writing Amino App.  If you haven't heard of it click that name and it will take you to it. Miss.Awkward_lovesbooks is hosting this bookathon. There are six categories and all of the books need to have some kind of romance in them. This readathon goes from Feb. 1st - 14th. Which is great, because the 14th is my birthday and I would like to be caught up with my reading before then!

So, here is my TBR:

1. A Classic 
Roseblood by A.G. Howard
I know, I know, this is cheating. This isn't a classic, it is a re-telling of a classic. But truth? There is no way I am going to be able to read a classic and the other books on this list. Classics take me awhile, they just aren't easy reads for me, so this will have to do. And I am actually going to be listening to this, because I am behind on my Audiobook  Challenge.

2. A Contemporary 
This was the one I had the most trouble picking, because I have SO many for this category. New Adult Contemporary is one of my favorite genres, so I have a ton of it on my shelf. But I love Colleen Hoover and have heard a lot about this book, good and bad. So it is about time I read it and have an opinion for myself.

This one was my easiest pick. I have been meaning to pick it up since it came out. Now, I will admit, it was also the only LGBTQ+ book I could think of, that really isn't usually what I read. But it also goes for my diverse reading I am doing this year, because I really want a badge to put in my sidebar!

4. Paranormal/Fantasy
Another easy pick. I need to read this for review anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone and do it for the readathon.

 5. Book Turned into a Movie
So the movie is coming out sometime this year and I am like the only person that hasn't read it. For awhile I didn't read it out of protest, because it was supposed to be a standalone and then she just changed her mind. Not that I have anything against series, it was just nice to have a high fantasy standalone and then bam! nope, not today! But I got over it and I will see the movie, so I better read the book so I can be a snob about it when my boyfriend and I go to see it.

6. The Group Book
I think I have said this before on my blog, but I haven't read a Morgan Matson book. I was supposed to this summer and the great slump hit me and I didn't. And if I am being honest with myself, I probably won't get to this one either. I love contemparay, but this one seems like a summerish book, like all of her books, and that isn't what I want to read in February. I don't know, we will see. I do have this one sitting on my shelf, though, so maybe. 

There you have it. My TBR for the Valentines Bookathon. Are you participating? If so, leave the link to your TBR post/video in the comments! I would love to see what everyone else is reading.

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