2017 Reading Resolutions

Well, this is something I haven't done in awhile. And by that, I do mean blogging. To be honest, it is something I didn't do a lot of in 2016. I don't mean for this to sound like an excuse, but like many many others, 2016 was a really bad year for me. And it only started getting better toward the end. So, when I sat down to write out my goals for the year 2017, I remembered my blog and how badly I had let it slip from me. So I am bringing it back!

Below is a list of goals I have for my reading and my blog this year.

Reading Goals:

  • Read 75 books this year - Now this one is a big one for me. I only read 18 books in 2016 and only 50 the year before that. But I have so many books I want to read this year and so many good ones coming out, I think I can do this.

  • Read at least one classic this year - I see this on everyones goals list, but the truth is, besides Harry Potter and what was mandatory in school, I have never read a classic. I have tried, but not ever finished one. I am not even sure which one I am going to read, but I am going to try to get this one done early in the year.

  •  Read one non-fiction a month - I am really bad about this one as well. My shelves are filled with fiction, mostly YA, and writing books. I don't read a lot of non-fiction and I would really like to change that.

  • Read at least 5 books with 500+ pages - This one is one that needs to be on here. I have a few on my shelve that I have simply put off because they are so big. Like Heavenly Fire or Lady Midnight. 

  • Finish up at least 5 already started series - I will be doing another blog post about this later this week, but I have A LOT of unfinished series. I really hope I finish more than 5, because most of them I have just put off the last book. Weather it be too long (like I said above with the Mortal Instruments series) or I just don't want it to end, it needs to be finished.

Blog Goals:

  • Review at least one book a week - I would really like to do 2, but I do have an intern position at patchwork press and I am currently doing a proof reading project, with the hopes to do more. So the time probably won't be there to do 2, but at least 1!

  •  Back into memes - I love to Top Ten Tuesdays and Waiting on Wednesdays. But there for awhile it was all I was doing, without any reviews, and it felt like a cop out, so I stopped. So with the reviews back, I do plan on getting the memes back as well.

  • Get to 1,000 followers - This was a goal back when I first started this blog and I am a little over 500 now. So that is great, but I would really like to gain more and connect with more people.

  • Comment on at least 5 reviews on different pages a week - I am REALLY bad at this. I read reviews on other pages all the time, but rarely do I ever comment. And as a blogger I know that we love comments! Chalk it up to me being a shy introverted person or whatever, it needs to stop. I want to connect with my fellow bloggers more.

  • Connect with more authors - This one isn't mainly for my blog, but it does relate in a way. I am an aspiring writer and I would like to connect with others that have actually done what I am trying to do. So, with that, hopefully, I will get more author interviews and maybe some guests posts and things like that!

Well, there you  have it. Now I have a ton more life goals that just don't relate to this blog that I have, but that is what is in my 2017 reading and blog columns.

If you did a similar post please link it below. I would love to read some other goal posts!


  1. Good luck with all your goals! I'm bad at reading classics too, but my favorites are Wuthering Heights and Lord of the Flies!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

    1. I never had to read Lord of the Flies in school, they switched it for A Separate Piece my year. So I might read it, because I hear great things. Thanks for the recommendations!