Scary Realization

So I was in a bookstore the other day, looking around when I heard a mother and daughter looking for the second book of the Harry Potter series. The mother didn't know the name so I gladly told her it was The Chamber of Secrets and directed her to it. After that the little girl saw another book she wanted and went to grab it and the mother told her no. She told the child that she was going to see  Harry Potter through before starting anything else. She said that if the child started giving up on things now, she wouldn't finish anything in life. She thanked me again and took the girl and walked toward the register. I didn't think anything about what the woman had said until later that night when I was looking at my own purchases. I had 4 books, all of them the first to a series. Then I got on Goodreads and looked over how many series that I had only read the first book out of. It was scary. I have over 20 series I haven't finished. So my goal for the year to come is to finish these series. I am going to try not to start anymore series, though I don't know how well that will go, but I do know I want to finish these by October 2015.

These books are not counting any half books or short stories that are in the series.
Books in Series I need to finish:

Of Posideon
Of Triton
Of Neptune


Anna Dressed in Blood
The Girl Of Nightmares



The Ghost and The Goth
Queen of the Dead
Body & Soul

Generation Dead
Kiss of Life
Passing Strange

The Collector
The Liberator
The Warrior

Shades of London
The Madness Underneath

Vampire Academy
Blood Promise
Spirit Bound
Last Sacrifice

The Devouring
The Solstice
The Fearscape


Blood Ties
All Souls' Night


The Summer I Turned Pretty
It's Not Summer Without You
We'll Always Have Summer

Across The Universe
A Million Suns
Shades of Earth

The Mortal Instruments
City of Heavenly Fire

Percy Jackson
Battle of the Labyrinth
Last Olympian

The Negotiator
House of Cards
Hand of Flame


Arcana Chronicles
Poison Princess - Half way through - physical copy
Endless Knight
Dead of Winter

Assassins Blade 
Throne of Glass - Half way through - audiobook
Crown of Midnight
Heir of Fire

I am not saying I agree with the mother's teaching.  It just made me think 


  1. I get your point, but that mother's attitude kind of scares me. There are seven books in that series that get progressively longer. There's something to be said for variety. Just because you read another book, doesn't mean you won't go back and finish that series some day. Or, maybe you end up not liking it and don't want to finish. I mean, it's only books, and we should be allowed to not read or not finish. I'm not sure saying "you won't finish anything in life" is fair...

    Anyway...good luck with your goal!

    1. Hmmm. I didn't look at it that way. That's a good point. Thanks for your views.

  2. Poor girl. What if she doesn't like Harry Potter? Or what if she doesn't want to read ONLY Harry Potter for the next however long it takes her to get through the series? That's not the way to teach her to love reading. I'm not the kind of person who can marathon a book or TV series. I have to break it up or I'll get bored.

    1. I can't marathon books either. Thus the 21 unfinished series lol.

  3. Hhmm, yes, situations can make me think. Maybe she was taking it a bit too far by saying they would never finish anything ever, but I feel like there are some series where you can enjoy the first book of and simply not be interested in reading any of the sequels. There are plenty of series I have read in completeness and others I can not be interested enough to continue. But these look like good books. Enjoy!