Stacking the Shelves

Weekly meme hosted over at Tynga's Reviews.

Bought Books:

 photo b9781db0-cdfb-49ef-a68b-c74226c94fc9_zps335de3e8.jpg photo 7dd6cbce-b4c3-4770-a88e-3e9d1bde1a66_zps9b77c326.jpg photo 8849406f-a380-4577-a229-22e4d4ec5564_zps8aeb1a45.jpg photo 4a9090c1-af92-4ccb-b726-adc6806944b4_zpsb2ed7078.jpg photo f0df62ba-476d-4632-bd4e-6f4c912d7620_zps24c2d73d.jpg photo cc13fd0a-2c71-4b42-a0ff-e863d123739d_zpsc9af854b.jpg photo ce63f8f6-e134-42e0-b4ef-232cfe8964c2_zps85e23d52.jpg photo 233d9ab8-57eb-4e0b-b036-7ed3226667bc_zpsbe1fc36b.jpg photo 25a1dccf-ecdc-48e0-bd3a-d2a3f8282fb8_zpsf1296eb5.jpg photo a72eb3d0-36dd-44bb-b386-ecd075548107_zps5d47f68e.jpg photo efcc0346-6579-4228-b6bf-6b075c12717d_zpsba6b26c6.jpg photo 3f96d508-5870-4d49-b01b-17636d06ee02_zps01465fc3.jpg

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Books For Review:


  1. OOooh nice haul!! I still find myself needing to start Rachel Caine's Morganville series. So overwhelming though with nearly 20 books! Or was it more? EEP!

    And ooooh Kim Harrison! I loved her YA series! Love her Hollows series which I still need to finish as well! Read this trilogy soooo long ago though!

    Insatiable was really good too! Loved seeing the vampire/adult side to Meg! And I thought a possible third book was in the works but it's been a few years so I can't say for sure!

    Unravel Me was really good! I think that's the one that got me really hooked on the series! Of course's Warner's novella (1.5) did that too!

    The Arrivals! Read that one awhile back too! Thought it was interesting too! Though I really can't remember much about it now! LOL!

    So basically...GREAT and fabulous haul! Hope you enjoy all your new reads!

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Got some goodies here. Velveteen catches my eye. Enjoy.
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