NanoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, for those of you who don't know. It happens every November (They also have Camp NanoWriMo that happens twice in the summer). The point of it is to write a 50,000 word (or more if you choose) novel in 30 days. NanoWriMo gives you a word count that you need to write each day to accomplish your goals. In the beginning, it seems really easy, but don't fool yourself. It is crazy madness!

So I am sharing today what I am doing to prepare and to share some websites and tips that I have picked up along the way that are helping me. 

Now you can't write anything on your novel that count until November 1st, but you can plan out your novel during October. I suggest you do this! This isn't required, but it helps a lot. Especially when you have writers block (which always happens) to know what you had planned. 

My "Survival Kit":
Scrivener and Scapple! - Everyone seems to be using this, it is suggested by NanoWriMo. This program was made by writers for writers. It is amazing when planning out your novel. Scapple is a great way to brain storm and character build. It allows you to create mind maps which are so useful.

Flash Drive - I go back and forth from my PC to my laptop to my work computer a lot. So I keep all of my story on a flash drive so when the mood strikes me I can plug it in and pick up where I left off. This also allows you to have a backup copy, in case anything happens and you lose your story on your main computer.

Notebooks and Pens - I always carry a notebook on me, even when I am not working on a specific project. Just in case an idea hits me and I don't have access to a computer. And a lot of the time I like to write everything out on paper before putting it onto a computer, just to see how it is going to sound.

Writing Buddies - Support is a major thing of getting through this. I don't have anyone around me that gets my passion for writing, so I do rely on the internet for that. Join a writing group or get buddies on NanoWriMo that are going to help cheer for you along the way. My NanoWriMo is Trulybritt . You can click that and buddy me, I would be happy to help cheer for anyone that needs it!

Spotify - Sometimes I want everything quiet while I write, but other times I can't stand the silence. So, spotify and youtube help me with this. I also use Pandora on my phone when I disconnect from the internet. Spotify have all kinds of "writing playlists" and you can make your own if you don't like the ones they have.

Food - So when you are "in the zone" it is hard to remember you need the necessities of life, like food and waters (or, in most cases of NanoWriMo, caffeine). I usually have a bowl of Halloween candy next to me (left overs from the 0 trick or treaters I get each year) and soda stocked in the fridge. Simple and easy pop in the oven dinners are a must for me, too. I know this won't be possible for those of you with kids.

I have never won a NanoWriMo, last year only missing it by 5,000 words. This year is my year though. I have a new account and a great idea. Which is where it all starts. An idea. So moving on.

You have an idea, now what? Plan out your novel! How do you do that? I have created my own way. I have taken parts of each thing below and made my own. 

Katytastic - This is a youtuber and she has a whole playlist devoted just to NanoWriMo writing and revising. She has a few outlines she does with Scrivener that were majorly helpful to me. I now use her 3 Act outlining process. Here are a couple more of hers: (click them to take you to the video)
Revision ideas and Resources Galore - This video she talks about ideas and stuff. She shows a cool way to use index cards to keep up with your ideas and scenes.
Those are just two of my favorites, but she has a whole playlist of great videos that help a lot. She has a series called "Factors of a Great Novel". If you like her advice I suggest watching before NanoWriMo begins. She even has advice on how to plan at the last minute.

The Writers Craft - This is something I stumbled upon the other day, that I feel like everyone already knows about. So just in case you didn't! It has great advice for writing and the aftermath. Also, it has great worksheets! I use their character worksheet for my characters.

Write or Die - Another one I feel like I was late to the party to. This is a website that you go to and you set yourself a limit and an intensity. For that time limit you will write and if you stop for a certin amount of time(That depends on the intensity your chose) the program starts deleting the words you have written! It s a great motivator, because nobody wants a single word deleted when it comes to NanoWriMo! We need those words!

Save the Cat - The Blake Snyder's Beat Sheet. Okay, so I haven't used this yet, I only found it yesterday. But it is a spreadsheet that is suppose to update when you put in how many words you have written. It is a way to keep up with all of your story. It has a place for everything and if you have more you can add it. It tells you what chapter and spot you have your plot twist or the finale. It looks like it will be a lot of help, if I remember to use it!

Everyone can win NanoWriMo! So lets do this together!

My goal for this November: 60,000 words of a Young Adult novel! 

Please let me know if you are going to be participating! I am also going to try to do as much twittering through the process as possible, along with the actual NanoWriMo people. So if you aren't already following me and you would like to, you can do that in the contact buttons in the side bar.

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