Entangled Teen Wishlist

There are SO MANY good books from Entangled Teen, but I have narrowed my wishlist down to five. And they are the following:


1. Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Now, I am only on Opal, but I LOVE this series and the author. I have read several books by her and she is simply amazing, though I can never put my finger on why. This book is told from Deamon's POV during the first book.


2. The Revolution of Ivy

 (Clicking the title to this one will take you to the goodreads page for the first book, considering this is the second book in the series.)

I am actually currently reading The Book of Ivy and I really am enjoying it. I know once I finish I won't be able to wait to pick up the next book!


3. Thief of Lies

I haven't heard anything about this book. I found it while looking at the Entangled Teen website and looked it up and it sounds amazing!


4. Paint My Body Red

I love mental health issues, which this book is labeled on Goodreads. It also sounds like a mystery.


5. Will The Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up?

A kickboxer gets to be a stunt double? Yes, please! Kickboxing is something I love and I also love seeing the other side of fame. So this book is bound to be great.

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