Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Characters Most Anticipated Book Releases for the First Half of 2020

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1. The Stars We Steal by Alexa Donne- February 4th - I actually have an arc of this and the review will go up around mid month. I love Alexa Donne. I loved Brightly Burning and this one is equally as great. I can't wait for the Ivys, too! But I think that will be in 2021.

2. Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore - January 14 - This cover is so beautiful. I haven't read a retelling of the Red Shoes, nor have I actually heard that story. This sounds very interesting and hopefully I will get to learn about a culture I am not familiar with.

3. Echoes Between Us by Katie McGarry - January 14 - I love Katie McGarry. This one seems to deal with ghosts, though I am not sure if they are real or not. It says in the blurb that it may be caused by the main character's brain tumor. This will be interesting, regardless!

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4. Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen - January 7 - Yes this comes out today and yes I will have it today. This is my biggest regret about having to leave Yallfest early. I didn't get a signed copy. But I am still super excited about reading this and seeing a different part of the wrold.

5. Seven Deadly Shadows by Courtney Alameda and Valynne E. Maetani
 - January 28 - Another beautiful cover! This one sounds amazing. Another one that is in a different country, which is one of my reading resolutions for the year.

6. Red Hood by Elana K Arnold - February 28 - So I don't usually like Little Red Riding Hood retellings. I liked Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, but that has been the only exception so far. But this one sounds like it might be really good.

7. Break The Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli - February 18 - This one is about a girl that wants to go to the Olympics. I love books like this.

8. Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas - March 3rd - So this is a new series by Sarah J. Maas. The cover is beautiful and the story sounds great. I am going to try to read at least one book by this author before this, though.

9. Keystone by Katie Delahanty - January 7 - Another one that comes out today. So I haven't really read much dystopian lately. I think the last one I read was Divergent that wasn't sci fi. This one sounds interesting and the reviews seem good.

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10. The Deep by Alma Katsu - March 10 - This is going for my retelling new release of 2020 for the retelling challenge. It is a retelling of Titanic where it is haunted! It is going to be great. Or at least, I have high hopes


  1. I love Loveboat, Taipei! Hope you enjoy it too. And I can't wait for The Stars We Steal, curious to read what you think of it :) Great list!

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  2. OOh nice picks! Sarah's new book made my list too! And I'm curious about The Deep! It's at the top of my watchlist for this year! Hope you enjoy all of these this year!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  3. I have Keystone that I still need to try and read soon. It does sound great!


  4. Dark and Deepest Red looks so good.

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    1. Right? I can't wait for that one. Such a beautiful cover, too!