Nancy Drew: The Palace of Wisdom by Kelly Thompson Review

43837351Title: Nancy Drew: The Palace of Wisdom
Author: Kelly Thompson
Format: Ebook/Netgalley
Nancy Drew is seventeen and good at everything... ESPECIALLY solving crimes. But her totally-in-control-and-obviously-running-perfectly-smooth-(but-not-really) life hits a snag when a mysterious message drags her back to the hometown she left behind. There she'll have to find out which of her friends are still her friends, which are enemies, and who exactly is trying to kill her...and (hopefully) stop them before they succeed. 

Nancy Drew is called back to her childhood home after receiving a letter that is threatening and has a lingering meaning of something to do with her mom's death. Once back home she mets up with her old friends Bess and George and even Frank and Joe Hardy come along for the ride. It leads them to Deadman's cliff, which is rightfully named. After Nancy discovers a body she realizes she is in for a bigger mystery than she had planned on.

I grew up in the 90s, so of course I know Nancy Drew. I used to love the books, T.V. shows, games etc. So when I was approved for this from Netgalley I was so excited. A graphic novel of Nancy Drew set in today time? With the Hardy Boys?! What more could you ask for?

I did like this book. The illustration was beautiful throughout the book and stayed consistent. (not calling out Archie at all). The story as well was good and the shock factor kept coming up as it does in any good mystery. And I loved seeing the old gang in a new light, especially The Hardy Boys.

I wish there was more of a mystery. There was a lot of shocking things that came up, but there weren't really a lot of clues for the reader to work out with Nancy. Also, at first it seemed like there was something going to happen with Frank and Nancy. I would love that, but it seemed to be forgotten midway through the book, which was irritating. Speaking of irritating, Nancy wasn't a very likeable character. She is very self centered and needs to have everything centered around her. She is this awesome crime solver and she knows it and thinks others should, too. I understand that they were trying to show how good she is at this, but it came off wrong. The lack of parents was frightening. These are teenagers running all over the place with no check-ins. Bess's parents are never home, which is pointed out several times, but still. And Nancy just up and leaves and apparently her guardian (because we never get a clear answer if it's her dad, because they are never mentioned!) doesn't seem to care. If you are going to have none of these teens parents check up on them, make them adults.   

Overall I gave this book 3/5. The story itself was good, but there was a lot that could be fixed in it. I loved seeing Nancy and the gang, though. Which is why it got an extra heart.

Kelly Thompson
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