2015 Reading Goals

The Holiday season is finally over and my life has finally calmed down. I have been MIA for about two months, and for that I apologize. I didn't get hardly any reading done in the months of November and December thanks to all the hecticness.

But that isn't what this post is about. This post is about my book related goals for 2015.

Goal 1: Read 50 or more books this year. I was able to read 49 books in 2014 with the goal of 50. This year I want to be more focused on reading. I would like to get 60, but for now, 50 sounds right. I will re-evaluate mid-year.

Goal 2: Buy less books. This is on everyones goal list. I buy way more books than I read and that really needs to stop. I am really bad on impulse buying. "Oh! Thank looks good!" and I grab it. I get home and realize it isn't something I will ever read! I am not putting myself on a book buying ban, but I am cutting back.

Goal 3: Go to the library more. I live right beside a library and I don't even have a library card!

Goal 4: Pay more attention to my book blog. I need to spend more time with this blog.

Goal 5: Finish off a lot of my unfinished series.

Those are my top 2015 goals! Did you make any?

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